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Introducing the HLB098 Ultra Flexible SMA Cable Series

Littlebend™, HASCO's newest flexible cable line, launches with the 26.5 GHz Ultra Flexible Cable Series, terminated with high-performance SMA connectors and designed for demanding interconnect requirements.  These triple-shielded, extremely flexible cables support a minimum bend radius of 0.20” (5mm), and a high retention force of >90N, eliminating the need for right-angle adapters.

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The HLB098 SMA Cable series offers standard lengths from 3 to 48 inches, but can also be ordered in custom lengths. Each assembly is 100% continuity, Hi-Pot and RF tested to the printed specification prior to shipment.

The inclusive Littlebend™ Ultra-Flexible RF Cable line expands HASCO’s portfolio of flexible cable assemblies to over 100 unique configurations, including new SMA, 2.92mm, 2.4mm, SMP and SMPM. Additional configurations are available by special order.

The Littlebend™ cables are RoHS Compliant and are in stock and ready to ship daily. To learn more about this ultra-flexible RF cable series, including the new upcoming configurations rolling out over the next six months, visit hasco-inc.com/Littlebend.


For more information, please contact your local Brennan Associates representative.