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The demand for more complex and higher-speed data has inspired the next evolution of communications technology, known as 5G. This evolution has trended communication higher in frequency, which has increased the demand for broadband millimeterwave components. In addition to the increased use of full band components, system designers also face the daunting task of securing off-the-shelf, high-performance millimeterwave components to support multiple bandwidths at 24 GHz and above, in order to meet more complex data throughput requirements.


With HASCO's large selection of Broadband active and passive mmWave Components, system designers can build and reconfigure a variety of systems at higher frequencies to meet performance and flexibility needs.


HASCO has more than 50 new broadband millimeterwave components, covering a wide range of high-frequency bands and power levels, our growing line of in-stock, ready-to-integrate millimeterwave products are the perfect one-stop solution for system designers and engineers.  By utilizing HASCO’s in-stock millimeterwave components, custom applications and complex system and subsystem configurations can be assembled and integrated, such as Up and Down Converters; Receivers and Transmitters; using a faster and more hassle-free approach with our robust portfolio of full-band Low Noise and Power Amplifiers, Mixers, Multipliers, Waveguide to Coax Adapters, and various passive and interconnect components. These high-performance and versatile broadband millimeterwave components are appropriate for a variety of applications and can be easily reconfigured for repeatable system applications.

Achieve Greater Bandwidth
and Power Output with
MMIC Integration

HASCO also offers a line of MMICs, manufactured by gotMIC, affording engineers the ability to design higher
bandwidth-and-power systems utilizing the same devices in integrated module assemblies and split-block components,
such as amplifiers, mixers, multipliers, switches, and full transmitters and receivers. HASCO offers these GaAs
devices as bare DIE and some have been packaged into SMD Devices and packaged-split-block components.


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As high-frequency and high-performance millimeterwave components continue to expand in use and capability, millimeterwave system designers can turn to HASCO for a comprehensive source of high-quality, ready-to-integrate broadband millimeterwave product options that are in stock and ready to ship daily. We can even assist with identifying and sourcing components that are not readily available from stock.


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