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Brennan Associates is a professional Manufacturers' Representative firm, located in the Southeastern United States, specializing in the marketing of RF and Microwave components and subsystems to OEM's, Test Houses, and other various customers. Our major focus areas have included the Commercial Communications industry, as well as Military & Aerospace industries. Our coverage includes Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, North & South Carolina, and Tennessee. With 56 years of experience, Brennan Associates has a proven track record of increasing product sales for our principals through focused, targeted, synergistic sales and marketing efforts.

Brennan Associates represents manufacturers that are dedicated to producing quality products, who work to enhance the industry they serve, and display a reputation of ethics and integrity.

Brennan Associates is here to support your RF/Microwave needs!

Social Distancing, Sheltering-in-Place, and even Mfg. Rep Distancing… all critical actions to help stop the spread of coronavirus. We know you all love to see Sales Reps, but we also know many of you are being asked by your company to avoid face-to-face interactions unless absolutely necessary. With that in mind, we are keeping our distance until this serious situation is under control.

In fact, a few of our manufacturers have actually closed down for the next few weeks due to shelter-in-place requirements mandated by local government. They are doing everything possible to continue support for US Government Requirements and all customer needs.

However, we want you to know that we remain committed to supporting your RF/Microwave component needs during this uncertain time. We are available by telephone, email, text or through our website to support your needs.

So, to all our friends and loyal customers, please stay safe!



Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation

BNC offers turnkey, PC-Driven, solutions up to 40 GHz in the field of Microwave and RF signal generators and signal analysis. BNC provides compact, portable and cost-effective alternatives to other traditional and expensive systems; and always provides FREE lifetime Tech Support!

Berkeley Nucleonics Academy is currently offering a Free RF Bootcamp (Limited Time Offer)
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Watch a tutorial on BNC's offerings to R&D in Quantum Computing


Model 7000 Phase Noise Test Systems
From 1 MHz to 7 GHz, 26 GHz and 40 GHz

BNC’s Phase Noise Analyzers keep getting better and better! Real-time Phase Noise Test Systems are designed to provide the most accurate phase noise data possible and are customized to fit your specific performance and application needs, while maintaining state of the art data accuracy and verification. Compare performance and price to Keysight’s 5052 and you won’t be disappointed!  Even more, BNC provides FREE lifetime Tech Support!

BNC has three platform options for the 7000 Series Phase Noise Testers: the 7070 1 MHz to 7 GHz, the 7300 1 MHz to 26 GHz, and the 7340 from 1 MHz to 40 GHz. READ MORE

Model 865-M | 0.01 to 40 GHz Wideband Low Noise Synthesizer

Model 865-M synthesizers have the absolute best phase noise when compared to bench-top models. These low phase-noise synthesizers operate up to 40 GHz. The modules have a MHz frequency resolution and use a high-stability internal reference. READ MORE

Model 865 | 100 kHz up to 40 GHz RF / Microwave Signal Generator

Model 865 comprises a set of the highest performance microwave signal generators from 100 kHz up to 40 GHz. Unrivaled signal purity in combination with fast switching and high output power make these models suitable for a wide variety of applications and the most advanced measurement tasks. READ MORE

Model 855B | 300 kHz up to 40 GHz (settable to 42 GHz)
Multi-Channel RF / Microwave Signal Generator

Model 855 is a phase coherent, multi-output, fast switching and low phase noise signal generator with a frequency range from 300 kHz to 6.2, 12.5, 20.0 or 40 GHz. The 855 is ideally suited for a variety of applications where good signal quality and a wide, accurate output power range are required. Excellent phase noise is combined with spurious and harmonic rejection. READ MORE

Model 845 RF / Microwave Signal Generator (100 kHz to 26.5 GHz)

The Model 845 is BNC's most popular benchtop Signal Generator, equipped with low-noise and fast-switching speeds. READ MORE

Model 835 | 9 kHz to 4 GHz or 6 GHz Microwave/RF Signal Generator

Model 835 is a low-noise, fast-switching analog RF signal generator that covers a frequency range from 9 kHz up to 6.1 GHz. It's a compact and portable, cost-effective alternative to other traditional and expensive RF Signal Generators! READ MORE

ATM Microwave and Narda-MITEQ are now

L3 Narda-MITEQ offers a broad range of Passive/Active Components and Subsystems, including Amplifiers, Mixers, Coaxial Components, Waveguide Components, Ka-Band Satcom Components, Space Qualified Microwave Components and Microwave Subsystems. Oscillators/Synthesizers, Couplers, Power Dividers, Waveguides and Waveguide Components, Fiber Optics, PIN Diode Control products, as well as SATCOM Solutions and RF Safety monitoring equipment. And with the NEW Narda-MITEQ Webstore, you can now order Low Noise Amplifiers and Passive catalog components directly from their website.

Directional Couplers
Power Dividers and Hybrids
Solid State Pin Diode Products
Attenuators Fixed

Attenuators Step
Attenuators Variable
Additional Passive Components


Passive Plus, Inc. (PPI) is a manufacturer of High-Q multi-layer ceramic capacitors. PPI is known for outstanding customer service, high quality product, competitive pricing, and quick delivery times.  PPI offers true drop in replacement parts for American Technical Ceramics (ATC).  And, as PPI attempts to keep a full inventory in stock, delivery times can be stock to 2-4 weeks depending on the capacitor needed.

• High-Q/Low ESR Capacitors are available in multiple case sizes, dielectrics and various terminations, which include ROHS compliant and Non-Magnetic finishes.

• Hi Q/Low ESR Design Kits: With over 40 kits available in stock, in 0201, 0402, 0505, 0603, 0805 and 1111 case sizes.

• Passive Plus, Inc. (PPI) has developed a series of Broadband Capacitors; the 01005BB104 broadband capacitors (the smallest on the market!), 0201BB103, 0201BB104, 0402BB103, 0402BB104 and the 0805BB.  For Optoelectronics / high-speed data, ROSA/TOSA (Transmit / Receive optical subassemblies), SONETS (Synchronous Optical Networks), Broadband test equipment, Broadband microwave and millimeter wave amplifiers and oscillators.

• PPI offers inventory programs for our customers, which allocates inventory and guarantee that parts are on the shelf and available to be shipped on demand

• The PPI Engineering Staff is available to support your technical and design needs, review and discuss technical data and circuit models, and make product recommendations.

After you have had the opportunity to review this information, please feel free to contact us if you should have any questions about obtaining samples, engineering design kits, quotes or technical information.

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